Box Heroes

Who we are

Leaping right off the comic book pages here come the Box Heroes!

Atlanta’s army of life sized action figures is constructed from cardboard, hot glue, and house paint. Is it an art project? A walking party? A club for oddballs? A tribute to the great comic book artists of yore? Yes! The Box Heroes are above all friends, using our powers for good. We are chefs, writers, designers, architects, teachers and craftsmen who join together to dance around in cardboard suits!

For a quick introduction and to see how Box Heroes came to life, watch this wonderful documentary by Gregory Miller. Stephen Larkworthy, or “Cap”, is telling the Box Heroes story and shows how he turns Atlanta Hawks’s mascot “Harry the Hawk” into a Box Hero.

But how?

Though the suits themselves are constructed by Cap in his super secret revolving studio hideout, each member of the group chooses his or her own character and then sketches and paints their own suit.  We use low sheen interior latex paint right off the shelf of your local house paint store. Blocks of color are applied by brush in a couple coats and then black detailing is added to make the whole thing pop visually. The process can take up to thirty hours! Wearing the suits is a challenge too; when a Box Hero battles evil, he or she does it with restricted vision, impaired hearing, risking heat rash, paper cuts, and “board burn”.  After each event the suits require hours of touching up and repair, so being a Box Hero really is a labor of love.

Our Next Appearance

Finding us is easy. We attend Cardboard*Con in March, the Inman Park parade in April, the Dragon Con parade in September, the Little 5 Points Halloween Parade in October, the Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta Christmas parade in December, and various children’s events throughout the year.  Atlantans may have also seen the Box Heroes riding on MARTA, their preferred method of travel.

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